Thursday, May 10, 2012

Poem 50-The Praise By God

"The Almighty?" he questioned, "His existence is in doubt!"
She was ready to change his beliefs, "Look at yourself, the way you breathe, the way you move about."
"Do you think, you came from a nothing? A mere human creation? No Creator? Think upon it."
Her words left him in a fix, turning to look around, she was nowhere to be seen, just an aura of light left behind as a witness to this meet.

In my mind He has no face,He uses us as His medium
In my mind He has no voice,one of us voices His thoughts
When we do wrong, He reprimands us through the people we love
And when He lauds us for our good work, He smiles from high up above

Silence whispers her name in the stillness of night
A walking corpse cries his heart in those lonely nights
She is dead,not to him,heart keeps telling mind she is alive
Even the God wants to be him to feel his love so pure and so pristine.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Poem 49-Blue

A colour who defines a mood so fine,
The other way we have worldly flow divine,
It makes us sometimes and breaks us though,
Life is colourless when the sky is whine.

Blue was the color of his eyes
Blue was everything he despised
Blue was the sky,blue was the sea
Blue was for murder,blue was for me.

Her aura reflected a dark hue,
"A gloomy persona", it screamed.
To a human it was just the tears they could see,
To a supernatural being as such him, all he could see was 'BLUE'ness.

Hollowness devours me with all perfection I possess
now and then I feel blue,don't know why?
Nothing is alright despite all the happiness
my existence waits for a spark for its extension.

Monday morning blues, everything seems like a pain.
What further pisses off is the traffic jam caused by a bit of rain.
Come closer to Friday and you start counting hours,
You start making plans for the evening to hit a few bars.

Poem 48-Light

You and me on that wonderful night
silence whispering in those lovely eyes
love and lust together creates a unique light
burns our hearts on that beautiful night.

It is against darkness that we struggle
Darkness that permeates the fabric of society
And He said let there be light,
Light that shall lead the fight against Darkness.

Every year, It brought with it a glimmer of hope,
And help Raju when he thought, he would slide down the depression slope.
Looking at all the lights around him on Diwali made Raju jump in glee,
Begging on the streets of Delhi made him feel bonded and he wanted to run free.

The time stands still,not a feather moves
He stops,smiling,after entering the room
The place is full of the delicious afternoon light
The dust motes dancing with obvious delight

They make us feel high from within,
They make us feel exciting without them too,
A different sense if taken in life,
They do wonders with spreading it worth while.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Poem 47-Thoughts

Lost in my thoughts, I did not notice the day end,
My mind was struggling for words as it was the first love letter i intended to send.
Soon night gave way to dawn and I managed to see the sunrise,
There and then I knew what I need to write. She was in for a surprise!

Depth of mariana it might not have
but they are mine,changing from time to time
as I grow and as I learn they change their shape
my thoughts are reflection of my life and things I see around.

Thoughts;hidden,unspoken,or forced upon
They are the things that don't let us sleep
They are what we judge all the people on
Even the most menial thoughts make into a tweet

Lingering is the word when i think about them,
Defining them also let me go through them,
Existence if ever words had,
It were from those undepicted depth.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Poem 46-Perseverance

Everything in his life was always the same
The efforts that he made were all in vain
Try as he might,he never reached any goal
Perseverance was something that never touched his soul

He had climbed half the peak when he felt like quitting,
But then he remembered this as what he dreamt of always - sleeping, standing or sitting.
Perseverance took the better of him and he went ahead to climb the peak,
Today, he feels proud that he did not let that moment make him feel weak.

Failure whispers,makes you insane,Perseverance brings sanity back to your brain
people try,fail,try and fail again,that's how this world works
those who rise fast after each falling never fall short of success
for the success that comes easily with no hindrance is not worth a success.

He tried, he pushed, he waited too long,
The motto of his effort was way too flunked,
Never he still left the hope to try,
The attitude of the ant made him reach the top.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Poem 45-Grace

They kept waiting for ten years,
Every passing year was just adding to their fears.
Finally a miracle happened and brought them lot of joy,
By God’s grace, they became parents to twins – a girl and a boy.

I take longer to get dressed than I did when I was younger,
There is an added step to hide those pesky little greys.
Greys are good, I console myself, with yesteryear tales of lore
They embody mother’s grace, I tell myself, and that puts me in a good mood.

Mesmerized by her grace and elegance
I pines for her constant presence
like sheen of dew on a december morning her grace shines
she smiles and everyone wants to say those beautiful lines.

The unique curve and the posture she had,
The unbelievable aspect she spared,
The luscious lips and the perfect toned body,
No one could define the Grace so well.

Grace, she had none
She walked like a man
Was told off by some
But she didn't give a damn

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Poem 44-Colours

The night was very quiet,except for the trees
Their branches all swayed to a lovely breeze
Not a color to be seen,all was black and white
The Moon bathed us all,with its shining light.

Life was colourless wading through a desert of depression
Money,Car,Kids and wife all were there,happiness still elusive
He looks for something that never exist,result the silent crying
Never does he look inside where all the happiness are lying.

Varied they are but just one message they pass,
Whatever happens in Life remain a bit gay,
Moving we are, stagnant we will be one day,
Come on let's celebrate the mix for the existence's sake.

Black, white, brown, yellow, pale,
Using these colors to distinguish people is a dismal fail.
Humanity needs reminders that when colors fade,
It is our legacy that will have us made.

A shade of grey is how he defined his character,
According to him, playing such roles was a true mark of an actor.
It is amazing how colours can define who and how you are,
People advise that if he is a shade of white then be close to him and if he is a black character then just go far.